For as little as $38 you get a BoatU.S. ANGLER membership, Unlimited on-the-road towing assistance and confidence every time you hook-up to your bass boat – plus you become eligible to collect Weigh-to-Win cash bonuses when you post the highest placing finish on the boater side within qualifying tournaments.

How Weigh-to-Win works:


Registration is a two-part process:

  1. Sign up for a BoatU.S. ANGLER Membership & purchase one or both of the following towing services - Unlimited On-The-Road Towing (Trailer Assist™), Unlimited On-The-Water Towing.

  2. After you have received your BoatU.S. ANGLER Membership number, you can then proceed to the Weigh-To-Win Registration Form. Complete the official registration form and return via email, fax or mail. Registration must be received and confirmed prior to fishing in your first contingency paying event.


Participate within the boater (and / or non-boater side for select tournament trails) of any Weigh-to-Win sanctioned event, and post the highest placing finish of those who have registered for the program. Highest finishers must fall within the top 50% of the field, with a minimum field size of no less than 30 boats. A list of sanctioned events and payouts are posted on this website.


Submit the Official Weigh-to-Win Award Form within 30-days of your finish. Upon verification and approval, your contingency payment will be sent via U.S. mail. Winners should allow at least 8 weeks for approval, processing and distribution.