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This web site is hosted by BoatU.S. (Boat Owners Association of The United States). The following policies are intended to protect your privacy and ensure that your personal information is handled in a safe and responsible manner. As we continue to develop our Web site and take advantage of technologies to improve the services we provide, our policies will continue to evolve. We therefore encourage you to refer to this policy on an ongoing basis to stay abreast of our most current privacy policy practices.
Our web server recognizes a visitor's domain name, but not the email address. We collect email addresses only if you supply us with one. We may use it to notify you of special offers, updates to our web site or other news about BoatU.S. Every email message you receive from us will contain instructions on how to remove your email address from our list, if you do not wish to receive further messages from us. We also use various technologies, such as cookies, to provide you a faster customized visiting and shopping experience.

All information you provide on this site is kept secure. If you are a Member of BoatUS we share your personal information only with companies we have selected to provide official BoatUS Member services or support BoatU.S. operations. We do not sell or rent Member information to telemarketers, mailing list brokers, or any other companies that are not offering BoatUS endorsed services or benefits. If you are not a Member of BoatU.S., the non-financial information you share with us may in turn be shared with other organizations which we believe to be in keeping with our practices and standards.

If you do not wish to receive any mailings or emails, please let us know by sending an e-mail, calling or writing us at the following address:

Theresa Parrow, Vice President
BoatU.S. Internet Operations

880 S. Pickett Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22304 USA
Phone: 703-461-4696
Email: [email protected]